Photography by Anjelica LS Gallegos

(From left to right) Shaaxsaani is wearing the sealskin and metallic gold leather corset with lynx claw, pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings. Mercedes is wearing the sealskin and metallic green leather corset with badger, porcupine and coyote claw earrings.

Indigenous Princess is an Alaska Native family business specializing in original, hand crafted, contemporary skin sewing.   Inspired by the richness and utility of traditional materials and striving to bring an artful expression that speaks to ancestry in a modern world. Far more that just fashion, each Indigenous Princess piece is an expression of culture. The organic beauty of skins, furs, fangs, claws and shell next to the severity of a manufactured Swarovski crystal, or the unnatural luster of sterling chain is a textural combination that is a metaphor for the strength, vulnerability, and resilience of Native women. The chic aesthetic of these designs appeal to women from all kinds of backgrounds. Featuring materials such as sealskin and sea otter, the aesthetic of Indigenous Princess is rooted solidly in Southeast Alaska and the styles created are relevant to culture while speaking to contemporary fashion and art. One of the unique aspects of the work is that it bridges ancient to modern, Native to non-Native. The pieces are timeless. Trends are ever changing but the Tlingit spirit in these unique treasures embody the legacy of indigenous beauty and innovation.